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The supreme guitars exist for all great players. One for one.
There is no standard that is absolute.
he supreme guitars exist countlessly depending on the music
genre and the player's play style.
A good guitar, however, does exist and there is a standard for it to be good.
We, at FREEDOM custom guitar research, believe that guitars that have survived for
believe that guitars that have survived for many years are the real good guitars
and that it proves that many players loved playing them.

It has been over half a century since electric guitars were invented.
he vintage guitars are still here today
in the hands of good players making great sound.
We achieved standards about good guitars
and good sound after studying them for years.

We ,at Freedom Custom Guitar Research,
started with these ideas and have been making guitars
hoping that our products will be " Your Best guitar " .

" An electric guitar that has lived for a hundred years.............. "
Nobody has seen one...........
" An electric guitar that has lived for a hundred years.............. "
It might be just a dream..............
We, however, believe dreams will come true
as long as we believe in our quality
and never compromise to make good products.

We never compromise and always study. Everything is
custom made in our own factory from taking care of
the materials & cutting wood to painting, etc.
" Why do we need to have our factory in central city? "
" Why do we leave the wood sitting at each stage time after time? "
There is a reason for everything we do.

Welcome to Freedom Custom Guitar Research...Enjoy the ride!!!

" Taking good care of wood is
the first step in guitar making. "

and foreign lumber specially prepared for building guitars.
The materials differ from house building lumber in that
they carry a different amount of moisture.

We check all the wood that we buy based on its shape,
specific density, grain etc. Each piece of wood is
individually inspected & then sorted
especially the wood for guitar necks, we check it extra-carefully
and get rid of all the wood that has a potential to bend.
This is really important to make stable guitar necks.

The chosen wood, for necks and bodies get numbered and
stored in separate seasoning ( drying ) warehouses and
kept under control by our computer system.
six hundred pieces of wood in stock. We also keep
the new wood in our seasoning warehouses ( drying warehouses )
for at least six months so it adapts to the environment in
Tokyo before being used. We at Freedom Custom Guitar Research
believe that having thorough control on our materials
is the first step in making instruments with a good durability
and a high precision and that it is necessary in order to
provide our customers with the sound that they are seeking.

We at Freedom Custom Guitar Research never use
the word " selected " because every material
that we use is already selected and it is just our " standard ".

Our manufacturing system
" Team of professional technicians
produces the best products "

At Freedom Custom Guitar Research, our manufacturing system is divided into four divisions.
1) Wood molding. 2) Fretting 3) Painting 4) Building
Each technician does his / her work in the division so each of
us can keep an objective view of our products.

By dividing the production process,
the product gets to be checked at each stage again and again,
not by one person, by all of us.
Each professional in our team does his / her best
and we believe that is the only way
we can produce our high quality products.

Producing strategy
" Tradition + High technology "

The most important thing in producing a musical instrument is
" Skilled craftsmen do the work carefully, taking time, & talking to the wood "
We at Freedom Custom Guitar Research believe that it is just simple as that.

It has been over half a century since electric guitars were invented.
Back then they could only produce a limited amount of guitars.
Today, we can produce many guitars in less time
because of the technical revolution and the manufacturing machines.
We at Freedom Custom Guitar Research have taken the journey,
but still never compromised to build guitars with quality
that we can be proud of. After all these years,
what we came up with is minimum production using
" Tradition + High technology "

We use wood to build guitars and each piece of wood
has a different character simply because it is
a live thing. So, strictly,
building a neck is a different work each time.

We at Freedom Custom Guitar research examine the wood,
talk to it and decide how to cut it so
we can produce a guitar that the player can feel comfortable
playing in in his / her hand.

We, on the other hand, use high technology
when it comes to making the fret board R the way
it should be and making the frets nice and even.

We at Freedom Custom Guitar Research keep producing
our products on high level by dividing the production process
into two; " Tradition " which requires the craftsman's experience,
intuition and sixth sense态and " High Technology "
which we use for precision. Our guitar producing strategy
may be like a golden ratio that will never change after years.

Making " The only one guitar in the whole world "
takes a lot of time and work, but there is no other way to make one,
just like brewing high quality wine. We build our guitars hoping
they will be your best ones for many years.